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We are a new kind of early intervention for schools and colleges.

Designed to guide young people's understanding of mental health and to transform the quality of mental health data.

Why commission On The Level?


Equality of access

Our peer-led online format gives schools and colleges access to the intervention at speed and scale, reducing healthcare inequalities for young people.

Lasting impact

An interactive live-streamed programme empowers young people with lifelong skills to understand, manage, and seek support for their mental health.

Data capture

Using a tech-driven approach, we gather mental health data to track engagement and outcomes, enabling continuous monitoring and evaluation.

What we offer stakeholders


Promote health with peer-led learning

On The Level is co-designed with young people. Our youth-presented live-streamed show delivers clinically approved support at a national level, helping students understand their mental health.

Signposting to NHS digital services

Young people are guided to NHS-commissioned health services for further support, such as online counselling, driving uptake and preventing the escalation of mental ill-health to more serious levels.

Mental health data flowed to NHS England

We collect representative data on young people's mental health and wellbeing before and after the eight-week programme, providing valuable information to those planning and providing services.

Shifting the focus from treating illness to promoting health

Our foundational early intervention prevents worsening mental ill-health and provides partners with inclusive data to target resources.

Data-driven decision making

Collect timely, relevant, high-quality data on young people's mental health.
Visualise how individual regions, schools and year groups compare.
Identify mental health trends, patterns, and data relationships at speed.
Use data to predict who might be at risk and intervene before escalation.
Support service planning and delivery to expand in line with need.
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Helping young people thrive in their learning and in life.

number of young people supported by On The Level since our rollout in 2021.
of teachers responded after our intervention that the show's information is vital for young people.
in a single London borough, registrations to an NHS-commissioned digital service spiked 482% following On The Level.
reduction in "critical" or "struggling levels of stress in secondary school pupils (paired outcomes).


case study
A reduction in moderate to severe anxiety from 35% to 26% (paired outcomes)
10% of pupils engaged with NHS online support finder once or more after our school-based intervention
460% spike in engagement with the support finder after pupils interacted with On The Level (paired outcomes)
“The engagement we've had from the schools has been fantastic. The feedback from children and young people has been fantastic. And the proof is in the pudding, the reports we've had in terms of their mental wellbeing has increased... three or four months after when there's been the follow up show. So there's been that sustained impact.”
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Hayley Payne
ICB Programme Manager
"An important and timely programme to help to manage pupils' heightened anxiety and Mental Health issues on return to schools. Providing them withthe tools to cope is crucial in avoiding escalation and the need for acute Mental Health interventions."
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Rt Hon Sir Norman Lamb
Chair of SLAM
“On the level makes things more relatable. Being able to connect with someone is amazing when you feel like they're not that far away from you. If they dress like you, listen to the same music, understand the same language. Whatever it is, that makes young people feel understood.”
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Shemzy Raeburn
On The Level Presenter
HSJ award

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health


Connects with government policy

Raise awareness of anxiety and mental ill-health and reduce mistrust of sources of support by delivering a culturally appropriate programme in schools.
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Mental health and wellbeing plan
Curriculum teaching and learning promotes resilience and supports social and emotional learning in schools. Champion efforts to promote emotional health and wellbeing.
A whole school or college approach
Make data accessible and available to stakeholders so they can determine what interventions are needed while protecting young people's anonymity and data rights.
National Data Strategy
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